Q. How do I find out more about what you offer?

A. Phone us on 01706 211161 drop us an email info@rddc.co.uk or call in to see us. We can answer all your queries directly and offer helpful advice if needed. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are here to help and are happy to do so.

 Q. How old do children need to be to attend RDDC?

A. No hard and fast rule really. We accept children from 18 months old through to teenagers and, of course, adults of all ages! You are certainly never too old to join us and, only rarely, too young!

 Q. What sort of things might I need to buy?

A. Nothing special to begin with, but once you are into it and enjoying yourself you’ll need to purchase appropriate footwear or clothing. Theses are available from us – please ask.

 Q. Can I stay while my child is in lessons?

A. Yes! Parents are most welcome to sit in & watch or wait in our comfortable reception areas while classes / lessons are in progress.

 Q. Do you sell refreshments?

A. Yes! You can purchase drinks and snacks from both branches.


Q. What opportunities will be open to me as a member of RDDC?

A. Plenty! You can be part of shows, concerts, demonstrations, exams, auditions, workshops, masterclasses etc. You can gain valuable and recognised qualifications or progress to professional work. RDDC pupils who wish to work within the television / film / theatre / media industries should apply to us for representation by RDDC Management, our agency department. Every week, we receive casting information for parts in television, film and theatre and they could be right for you.

 Q. What if I miss a class or lesson?

A. Try to inform us in advance if you will be absent. Regular attendance is essential if we are to maintain our high standards of work and class sizes are restricted accordingly. Pupils absent for three or more classes without valid reason may have their places re-allocated.