How to join

Please call or email to register at RDDC.

01706 211161, or send us an email .

We are open daytime and evening, Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays, other than for rehearsals.

What to wear?   Nothing special is required at the start. We suggest loose leisurewear and comfortable shoes! Once you are settled you may wish to purchase specific items such as leotards, shoes, etc. This can be purchased from our online store delivered straight to your door! Alternatively bought in our branches. Our online store link;

How much are the fees and how do I pay?    We strive to make our tuition as affordable as possible. RDDC class lessons are £2.50 for 30 minutes, £3.75 for 45 minutes and £5 for 60 minutes.

Tuition Fees:

Group Lessons (3+ people) Rates vary according to the number in your group and the number of lessons booked. Please ask for more details.